With over 200,000 participants having completed the Award in Ghana – it’s time to join the Alumni today!

When you complete a Head of State Award, you instantly become an important part of The Duke of Edinburgh Alumni Community. In the past 50 years over 200,000 Ghanaians have completed an Award and globally over 8 million!

The Ghana Alumni provides the opportunity for all past Awardees to now reconnect and continue to access and share unique opportunities of a lifetime.

As an Awardee, you are part of the global Duke of Edinburgh community spanning more than 140 countries, and providing access to opportunities to extend the lifelong learning principles of The Award programme.

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  • The opportunity to reconnect with The Award in Ghana and overseas, as well as other Awardees
  • Invitations to exclusive events in Ghana and overseas
  • Invitations to professional networking events
  • Special offers from our sponsors and Alumni partners
  • Alumni events
  • Regular newsletters and updates
  • Adventurous Journeys and treks


Share your experience and learnings with young people embarking on their Head of State Award Journey. We can offer Awardees a wonderful way to share their experiences and mentor independent Participants doing their Award. These Participants would really welcome the feedback, advice and support of Awardees, as they complete their Award independently. Your stories can help inspire future generations of Award Participants!


Take part in online discussions and forums via our various social media platforms. These social networking sites are designed to allow you to develop meaningful discussions between other Alumni members on issues that affect young people in Ghana, career issues or general life issues. Reconnect with your HoSA buddies.


Volunteer as an Expedition Assessor, Award Leader or a Unit Coordinator to motivate and encourage more young people participate in the Award Programme.  You can also volunteer your time and expertise at the Award Secretariat to help manage and deliver the Award Programme in Ghana.

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