Participation in the Award provides you with the skills employers are looking for. The life skills taught through this programme give a head-start to any young person about to leave school to enter the world of work. Onika Stellinburgh, Gold Award holder, Guyana

The Award gives you international accreditation for your experiences. Make sure employers know about the skills and experiences you’ve developed through your Award programme.


Add the Award to your CV and LinkedIn profile

Adding your Award to your CV and LinkedIn profile will enable you to stand out from the crowd. Including the skills you have developed outside of the classroom will demonstrate to employers that you have the qualities they require.

Share your Award experiences with employers in interviews

Use your Award experiences to demonstrate to employers how you learnt key skills. For example, you most likely developed teamworking, communication and leadership skills on your Adventurous Journey. You probably improved your patience during your Skill section; taking time to learn something new requires dedication, and you may have even surprised yourself with your ability to problem solve whilst carrying out your Service. It’s skills and experiences like these that employers are keen to hear about, so remember to tell them when they ask for examples of how you demonstrate each of these skills and attributes.

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