The Community Service Section is all about giving back to the community through volunteering. Whatever passions you may have, whether it’s care and concern for the environment, a love of animals, a desire to make a difference to live of those less fortunate, referee your favourite sport or help the sick or elderly, the Service Section offers the structure to fulfill these passions.



  • To connect with our community and give useful service to others and their communities.

Service offers young people the opportunity to engage with society and gain an understanding of the importance of their role within both their immediate and global community. It gives young people the chance to connect with individuals and groups that they may have previously overlooked or not been aware of, and to make a real difference to their world.

By getting involved with the community, participants should enjoy making a real difference to the lives of others, and through this develop a greater responsibility to themselves and the wider society.

Through regular commitment, you will begin to form a lifelong habit of community involvement and voluntary service! There are a bunch of things you can get from it: