Impact Stories

See how The Head of State Award Scheme – Ghana is transforming individuals and communities in Ghana. From the streets of Sekondi to the Northern part of Ghana, the Award is helping put young people on the path to a better future.


I Became An Entrepreneur

Comfort explains how the Award helped her pay her school fees

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learning through the lense

Life Through a Lens

Patricia Yeboah’s Award project has enabled marginalised young women to share their stories and experiences with the community through the art of photography.

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A classroom act

A Class Act

Jones and Judith explain how, through the Award, they are helping children back to school.

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the joy of volunteerism

The joy of volunteerism

Charity has continued to volunteer her time in the community since completing her Award.

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Giving back

Giving back in Ghana

Impact Measure: Increased participation in civic life

 Increasing young people’s involvement in volunteering and community activities, and their participation in the social and political life of their community.

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Green economics

Award holder sets up community project to help protect local environment.

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