So you’ve had an amazing time achieving your Gold Award and now you’re sad it’s all over? Wondering what to do with all the spare time on your hands? You know the adventure doesn’t have to stop here! There is a whole lot you can do as a Gold Award Holder – Life After Gold!


Once you have achieved your Gold Award, we would love you to stay connected to the organization.  We would love to use your experience of doing the Award in helping support the activities of the Award so that you can continue to contribute to your own development and the development of others through your involvement.


“The passion to work with young people has guided me where ever I go and I am very elated to be part of the team delivering the Award to young people”

Samuel Addo Jnr, 2010 Gold Awardee

The Award is run by Leaders, many of whom are volunteers. People who get a buzz from helping people achieve. Individuals who, in many cases, achieved Awards themselves – people like you! You may have even experienced this through doing leadership for your Gold volunteering activity.

So why not share your experience and enthusiasm with others? That’s what Louis, a Gold Award holder has done: “The most important attribute I got from doing my Award was gaining confidence and learning about my strengths. I have been a volunteer Leader for about five years, which has really developed my confidence and I will continue to develop the Award wherever I am. I feel the Award has given me so much and I would like to give something back!”

You could make all the difference to someone’s life, gain new skills like planning and leadership and of course have a lot of fun along the way! Most Award Operators need help with groups at all levels, with specific sections or just general support and admin. So you could find yourself running a Bronze group, organising team volunteering activities or co-ordinating enrolment forms – whatever you’re good at or want to learn, there’ll be a role for you.


What will you get?

  1. You will keep connected to a dedicated group of Gold Award Holders nationally.
  2. You could be considered to represent Ghana at the International Gold Event (IGE) which see Gold Award Holders from around the world gather and chart the direction of the Award internationally.
  3. Assist as Programme Directors of prestigious Gold Award Ceremonies, Presidential Dinners and other marketing events of the Award Programme in Ghana.
  4. Assist with Service Projects and Adventurous Journeys, so that others are able to complete the Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards.

How do YOU get involved?

Choose any of the two ways below, if not all!

  1. Sign up as a member of the Award Holders Alumni and find out how you can get involved.
  2. Get in touch with the Award Office to know how you can be involved.

The opportunities are endless!

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