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The Head of State Award Scheme is an accredited business partner of Clarity4D ( with master trainers. It is also a delivery partner of VandVictors Management Services Ltd, a member of The Victors Group (TVG) based in Zambia (

Award Learning Modules

The Award Learning modules provides you with the information about the required training that adults involved in the Award need to complete and defines the various adult roles for Award leaders.

The Award is committed to ensuring high quality training is in place for Award leaders and volunteers that run our programmes. It is the competence and confidence of our Leaders that provides inspirational, top quality experiences for the thousands of young people who aim to achieve an Award. Our Award training modules presents a wide range of flexible, relevant and high quality training opportunities.

  • The Award Leaders Course
  • AJ Supervisor & Assessor Accreditation Course.
  • Award Operators Course
  • ORB Course

Do you wish to be an Award Leader, an Adventurous Journey Supervisor or Assessor, or do you wish to be an Award Operator? Well, you have an opportunity now! Take the first step, take a course. Get in touch with us.



Our Business Training Modules

We also offer specialized training programmes for Organizations. More precisely, our training modules provide varied support for grassroots and youth‐led initiatives to expand, enhance and intensify the role, capacity, and visibility of the youth. Our business training modules enhances the capacity of organizations to meet key deliverables focused on results, increased impact, and sustainability.

This is done with a view to maximize ability to promote long-term constructive relationships between volunteers, staff and clients towards meeting the mission of the organization. Our business training modules includes:

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Organizational Development
  • The Adventurous Team Challenge
  • Volunteer Management
  • Fundraising & Resource Mobilization Strategies
  • Entrepreneur Development
  • Developing People & Teams with the Clarity4D
  • CV & Cover Letter Writing
  • Presentation Skills
  • Networking Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Impact Measures

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