• To unleash individual talents and broaden personal interests and skills.


With so many hobbies and interests to choose from, this Section allows young people to explore and discover talents within themselves that they may have only hoped or dreamed about!

In some ways, this is the broadest of Award because it offers so many choices based on individual interests and passions, whether they are artistic, creative, musical, academic, technical, cultural or some other area.

It lets you try something entirely new or undertake an existing activity with renewed purpose!

Not only do you get to take part in an activity that is truly of interest to you, but it also allows you to develop skills that you may previously though were out of reach! Like all Sections of the Award, what is chosen should be fun and the goals set should be realistic – feel a real sense of achievement!

The great thing about this Section is that there is so much you can get out of it.