Our Corporate Partnerships

Our Corporate Partnership allows us to work with businesses to improve the employability and life chances of young people. It serves as a platform for businesses to deliver their corporate social responsibilities in a more consistent, measurable and impactful manner. It is meant to create an equal opportunity to all young people.


Partner with us to;

  1. Improve young people access to the Award Programme, overcoming barriers in lifeengaging young people, particularly those who are `at risk` or `marginalised` and the communities in which they live.
  2. Increase the geographic and social reach of the Award Programme – helping old and new Award Groups / Units & Operators to start, develop and extend the reach of the Award Programme to more young people.
  3. Improve impact and quality of delivery – enabling more young people to achieve their Awards, particularly by helping delivery partners, volunteer leaders and mentors to develop and improve their provision.


What can we do together as partners

The four (4) sectional requirement of the Award Programme allows us to guide and work with young people in the following nine (9) areas which serves as our impact measures.

  1. Improving educational attainment – Improving young people’s attendance at school, their commitment to education and their achievement levels.
  2. Employability and sustainable livelihoods – Improving young people’s employment levels and ability to support themselves financially when they need to do so.
  3. Health and well-being – Increasing young people’s physical fitness, and their own sense of emotional and mental well-being.
  4. Participation in civic life – Increasing young people’s involvement in volunteering and community activities, and their participation in the social and political life of their community.
  5. Social inclusion – Improving community integration, acceptance of individual differences, and increasing the access of all young people to development opportunities
  6. The environment – Increasing young people’s awareness of environmental issues, and involvement in environmental and sustainability initiatives.
  7. Gender equality and the empowerment of women – Bridging the gender gap and empowering marginalised young women, building their self-worth and enabling them to demonstrate their potential.
  8. Reduction and prevention of violence, conflict resolution and peace-building – Reducing inter- and intra-group conflict and violence, and building dialogue and co-operation within communities.
  9. Reducing reoffending (recidivism) rates – Reducing youth crime and contributing to the reduction of reoffending rates


How can you partner with us

  1. We are committed to working with you to deliver any of above nine (9) impact areas focused on young people and youth that suites your corporate social and investment plan.
  2. You are also free to choose one of the following plans if not all.
  3. Adopt an Award Youth Group and fund their Award activities.
  4. Support a few young people undertake their Award activities. We work to ensure that your identified number of young people is reached with your partnership support. The participation cost per participant per Award level is GHs105.00.
  5. Support for promotional purposes – help extend the reach of the Award nationwide through the production of customised and branded promotional materials.

Corporate Organisations can sign up as a Title, Gold, Silver or Bronze partner.

Meet our Corporate Partners (2015 – 2016)


Get in touch with us via partnerships@hosaghana.org to discuss about how we can work together.

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