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The Friends Network is a network of successful, like-minded and generous young professionals who desire to see the lives of many young people in Ghana transformed. Since its creation in 2013, the Friends Network has continually recruited young professionals as supporters to help extend the Award to every young person in the Ghana, wherever they are, and whatever their circumstances.



The Network operates under the guidance of a Chairperson who a Young Professional and a Senior Business Leader. The Network is managed by a Director who co-ordinate its activities linked directly to the impact of the Award from the National Award Office


Members sign up with GHs1,000 which can be paid as lump sum or over a maximum of four months (4 x GHs250). Members are required to renew membership by donating GHs1,000.00 annually. After signing up, members can upgrade to the Bronze, Silver or Gold Friend category as follows:

  • Gold Friend – GHs24,000 donation as a lump sum or over 3 years for lifetime membership ie (3 x 8,000).
  • Silver Friend – GHs12,000 donation as a lump sum or spread over 3 years (3 x 4,000).
  • Bronze Friend – GHs6,000 donation as a lump sum or spread over 3 years (3 x 2,000).



Ms. Nadia Ismaila

Chief Executive Officer

British International School


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