Special Projects

Our Special Projects is designed to extend the Award, particularly to young people considered to be marginalized or at risk in society. It also creates the opportunity for Award Groups to design and undertake social projects and initiatives as part of their Award activities.

You can join our small group of generous supporters to help more young people undergo through the Award through any of our Special Projects. Many beneficiaries of our Special Projects have gotten the opportunity to share their stories in London. Read about them below


Becoming an entrepreneur paid my school fees – http://www.intaward.org/award-story/becoming-entrepreneur-paid-my-school-fees

The Award taught me how to live,” Amos tells donors – http://www.intaward.org/news/%E2%80%9C-award-taught-me-how-live%E2%80%9D-amos-tells-donors

Read more on our current and past special projects below:

Project Ignition

Project Ignition aims to ignite the confidence in at risk young Boys and Girls in the slums of Nungua, Teshie and La. It engages youth with fewer opportunities in a diverse range of activities through arts and culture in support of their social inclusion and integration through music, an Orchestra to be precise. The project is also providing the needed space for young people to gain and exercise competences in leadership, communication and organization skills.

Reach Your Dream Project

Reach Your Dream (RYD) project is to increase the earning power of ‘street – connected’ youth. It main objective is to transform the economic status of young people from poverty – induced and street – induced marginalized into successful entrepreneurship, gainful employment and responsible adulthood. It helped young people fulfil their Skills Section of the Award.

Reaching Thousands More Project

Reaching Thousands More Project aimed at extending the reach of the Award nationwide. It is intended to increasing participation, while raising the profile of the Award in Ghana.  It is also intended to strengthen the structure, assure quality delivery and raise support to sustain the Award programme in Ghana. This project has led to programme expansion to the Central, Ashanti and Northern Regions of Ghana.

Financial Literacy Project

It main objective is to contribute to Ghana’s economic development by ensuring that young people have a better understanding of the value for money, saving products and opportunities. It educated, empowered and engaged young people in financial management and saving skills, having a better understanding of the banking sector. It helped young people fulfil their Skills and Service sections of the Award.

Speak to Jones Viduku for more information on any of our special projects and how you can be of assistance.

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